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Posted by msdon9 on February 11, 2010

This e-mail came today from Stacy Clark, one of the Team Challenge organizers:

Our training begins March 1st, so you have a few weeks to rest up and get ready for a life changing 16-19 weeks. Now is also a good time, to start walking a  little (maybe 20 minutes a day) or incorporating some cardio exercise into your schedule BUT don’t push yourself. The schedule is designed to get you from where you are today to where you need to be in June or July! Get ready to see your body transform and do things you never thought possible! You will receive an email from coaches Dave and Loretta to bring you up to “speed” before we begin training.

I’m really excited to start working with Dave and Loretta. I met them last night at the informational meeting, and they both seem like really cool people. The idea of meeting up every Saturday for group workouts sounds great to me because it will definitely hold me accountable to everyone else. Giving up is NOT going to be an option, especially when there are people sicker than me running.

I had two wisdom teeth removed earlier this week and have done NOTHING but lay on my couch and eat soup and dry Cheerios. Despite the fact that there’s an obnoxious amount of snow on the ground, I’d like to clean off my car tomorrow and get myself to the gym. It’s been about two weeks since I’ve had a good run on the treadmill. I know that I need to re-start slowly, so I’m thinking I’ll just jog maybe 1/2 mile and walk.

Funny, this time last year… that would seem impossible! It’s only since I started taking iron supplements again that I have enough energy to do this.

There’s a kickoff party on February 25th (my birthday!) at Bertucci’s in Melville. I’ll add another update after that. I really can’t wait to get started!


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