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Week 3: Running Up That Hill!

Posted by msdon9 on March 20, 2010

Team Challenge Long Island at SUNY Old Westbury

Today’s workout kicked my butt!

At 9am, the team assembled in a parking lot at the SUNY Old Westbury campus. As we were listening to the weekly announcements and getting ready to stretch, I kept thinking about all of the hills I encountered as I was driving through campus to get to our meeting location. I wondered, “Are we running these hills today?”

The answer was yes. Oh, yes we were!

It was a challenging course, but it was fun. There were a few moments when I considered running off to the side of the road to die, but luckily (and likely due to the encouragement of a few wonderful teammates) I didn’t give up; I kept challenging myself to go a little faster and a little further. I won’t lie and say I ran the entire 5k today, which is a goal I would like to achieve soon, but my walk breaks were short, and I’m glad I took them because I didn’t want to risk getting hurt. While my hip problem seems to be getting a little better, my right knee decided it wanted to start swelling on me. It actually got really bad and blew up to about the size of a grapefruit after I ran for an entire half hour in Babylon the other day. Granted the course was pretty flat and not too challenging, but running for 30 minutes without stopping for a walk break was a huge accomplishment for me! And as for the knee? It wasn’t anything that Aleve and an ice pack couldn’t fix. I was smarter today and ran with my knee wrapped, and so far (6 hours later) there is no swelling!

My goal for next week is to keep it going…keep it going! We’ll be back in Farmingdale, I think. Not so hilly 🙂 I’ll see it as a great big accomplishment when I can run the entire course!

If there’s one thing that I think I need to reiterate over and over, it is that this team is truly a wonderful group of people. In training, everyone is pretty much struggling to get through the course – especially us beginners! I don’t think anything that we are doing is particularly “easy” on anyone (except perhaps for our amazing coaches and the more experienced athletes). One thing that really kept me going today in particular was the encouragement of a fellow teammate as we were trying to get up a tough hill. If she wasn’t next to me cheering me on, despite the fact that the hill was equally as challenging for her, I probably would have walked the whole stupid thing. I was really grateful to her for her encouragement because of that! Three of us finished the run together today and slapped each other “high five” when we were done. We really did keep each other going; it was a wonderful feeling!

My training schedule changes a bit this week. I’m adding Wednesdays into the mix. Luckily the weather has been beautiful (a marked change from last week’s nor’easter that knocked out everyone’s power and made us all generally miserable). A good friend at work expressed interest in running with me after school on our school track, something that I’m really looking forward to. Before the month is over, I want to run at Nissequogue River State Park. Unfortunately it is scheduled to close on April 1st due to the horrendous nature of our state budget. But…that’s a topic for another day.

My big benefit event, the Late St. Patrick’s Day Celebration for Team Challenge, is all set to go next week. It will be at Lily Flanagan’s in Babylon from 12-4pm. I was very busy last week visiting lots of local businesses to solicit donations for raffles and my silent auction. I’m THRILLED to announce that, because of the generosity of two of my teammates, I’ll be auctioning off a week’s stay in Key Largo! There are lots of other wonderful prizes as well, including a chance to win a fully-catered weekend brunch in your home courtesy of Aveline Caterers and Chef Services.

I also had a wonderful surprise today! One of my dearest friends (who lives in Pennsylvania)  is coming to visit next weekend! It will be so amazing to have her at my event and finding out that she was planning on coming to Long Island for the weekend truly made my day!

Thanks again to all who are reading my training blog! I appreciate your support and encouragement, as always! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures at the event next week and post them here. Hopefully I’ll get to see your smiling face in some of them! With four hours of open bar, hopefully you won’t be too drunk!


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