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My First Event was a SUCCESS!

Posted by msdon9 on March 28, 2010

Friends enjoying the open bar and hot buffet!

After my morning run with Team Challenge yesterday, I raced back home to shower, get ready, and make some last minute preparations for the Late St. Patrick’s Day Celebration for Team Challenge that was held at Lily Flanagan’s in Babylon. The weeks spent prepping, planning, and hitting the streets to solicit donations for the silent auction and raffles finally paid off as guests started rolling in at about 12pm.  While I was really anxious at first (I wanted everybody to have fun) I relaxed after a little while when I saw that the folks who had arrived were smiling, laughing, and having a great time. I especially liked seeing some old friends from high school catch up with one another, and because my crew of friends is so awesome – many people made new friends. We played two games: The Price is Right (everyone guessed how much some over-the-counter drugs for Crohn’s and Colitis patients would cost) and then something I called “What’s the Diagnosis,” which was funny and entertaining at the same time.

What's the diagnosis? You could only imagine!

After all was said and done, a little over $1,200 was raised in one day to support the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America! With that, I’m getting very close to my fundraising goal of $2,600!

I am very grateful to the great bunch of people that came out to support me at the event, especially my old friends and some very special colleagues. Without their love and support, this event would not have been so much of a success!

This is my SPRING BREAK WEEK! I’m not feeling very, er… “springy,” as the weather for the next few days is supposed to be rainy and cool. Hopefully the sunshine will return soon so I can enjoy some lengthy training runs outdoors!

The race is 90 days away!! I have a long way to go before I can run 13.1 miles!


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