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Superbowl Pool Information

Posted by msdon9 on February 4, 2011

First and Foremost – THANK YOU for participating in the charity Super Bowl Pool for Team Challenge!

The Team Challenge Charity Superbowl Pool 2011

(click the link above to view and download the PDF of the completed pool)

50 boxes were sold, so here’s what we’re going to do:

Everybody has been given double the amount of boxes they purchased. So, if you purchased one box, I gave you a second one. If you bought two, I gave you four – and so on… This way we can still play the game, and everybody is given double the chance to win. If you download and read the PDF that I have attached here, you’ll notice that your extra boxes have been highlighted in blue.

I reduced the prize payouts as follows (to reflect the reduced cost per square)

  • Quarters 1 and 3: $125
  • Halftime: $200
  • Final Score $300

Total Prize Payout: $750

Donation to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation: $500

I’ve run this idea by a few participants, and they all thought it was a great idea just to keep the game going. I don’t really anticipate any objections – but if you feel that you’d no longer like to participate because of the prize payout reductions, please let me know and I will buy your square from you. Keep in mind that everyone was given 2 squares for each $25 paid – so you have more chances to win now!!

For first-timers: You’ll notice that your squares are laid out on a 10-by-10 grid that has two single-digit numbers associated with it, representing the last number in the game’s score for each team. If the point total for each team of the Super Bowl at the end of each quarter ends with those numbers then whoever has that square wins. For example, if you purchased a square corresponding to the numbers 3 for the Packers and 7 for the Steelers and the score is 23-17 in favor of the Packers, you have a winner. The last digits of each team’s score are the ones that you are looking to match with your grid square. No knowledge of football is needed to win, and I will keep track of the winners for each quarter so that there is no confusion about anything

If you haven’t given me your money yet, please do so. I can also be reached via PayPal ->





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