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Poo Poo Pee Do! Ta daaaa!!!

Posted by msdon9 on April 10, 2011

I left my car parked overnight in Queens- right on 31st street in Astoria underneath the elevated tracks for the N and Q train. When I returned to it this afternoon, I found it in this condition. Since I didn’t know of any car washes in the area, my plan was to get the car back to my neighborhood as quickly as possible so I could take it to the ghetto-riffic Bubble Brush 24 hour self service car wash on Bayshore Road – JUST to do some PRE-CLEANING before I can take it to a full service wash tomorrow.

As luck would have it, the Mets game was about ending as I began my journey home – so the Grand Central Parkway near Citifield was jammed. As I inched forward in the left lane of traffic, ever-so-slowly, focusing straight ahead so I would have to make eye contact with anyone who could potentially laugh at me and my avian-restroom of a vehicle, a man in a beautiful new Acura rolls up next to me, rolls down his window, and makes like he wants to say something. Not able to judge the expression on his face, I was SURE I was going to get yelled at for something…. did he catch me texting? Did I inadvertently cut him off? Did a clump of poo fly off the back of my car and hit his? I prepared myself for a lashing of epic proportions.

I rolled down my window for the bad news. I considered not even waiting around to listen, thinking that just ignoring him and driving away would be my best defense. I was so ashamed! Then he said, “I just gotta make one comment. Even with ‘all that’ going on, you still look damn good in that car!”

Instantly the color returned to my face. I smiled sheepishly and said, “thank you” as he drove on, relieved that someone saw some humor in the situation.

Just a little while ago, I broke my Facebook-Lent fast and posted the photo online. I figured the picture and the story would make some people laugh. It did, and I was happy. In fact, a Team Challenge teammate of mine, Jon Cheris, posted a comment under the photo and said, “Mary, you found the rare flock of birds in Queens that have Crohn’s disease – congratulations!!! This is a clear good luck sign!”

That’s what gave me the idea of updating my blog this way tonight, because that’s essentially the kind of person I am… I try to find humor in every single humiliating situation I find myself in. I guess I learned this skill while navigating through my childhood and young adult years as a Crohn’s patient.

As I started typing this entry, I thought back to some of my top 10 most embarrassing experiences with Crohn’s. Of course the very top of list has to be that time in 12th grade that I got sick on a coach bus filled with my entire varsity cheerleading team and a group of parent fans coming back to Long Island from an away game in upstate Vestal, NY. I didn’t find any humor in the situation on that day. Instead, the very NEXT day, I quit the team. I couldn’t handle the pressure anymore… and it wasn’t until many years later that I made the connection that emotional distress causes the disease to inflame. Oh, so that’s why I ended up in the hospital a week before my first high school cheerleading competition. A, ha!

As my 2nd half marathon with Team Challenge is less than 2 months away, I often find myself thinking about what led me down this road to become involved with such an amazing organization with amazing people. I’m also very grateful to the people who have donated to the cause to help me reach my personal fundraising goal! Without you, I wouldn’t be able to cross that finish line.

And to that random man on the Grand Central Parkway… thanks for giving me a reason to smile this afternoon!


One Response to “Poo Poo Pee Do! Ta daaaa!!!”

  1. Sarah said

    Oh Mary — I love this post! You do always find the humor in poo-y situations!! Keep up the great work 🙂 (p.s. Can’t wait to see you soon!)

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