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Week 12 – Here come the miles

Posted by msdon9 on May 8, 2011

Last weekend, my mother and I arrived at Eisenhower Park at about 7am with butterflies in our stomachs. Hers had to do with walking her first ever 10K, and mine had to do with putting forth a good showing running in my 2nd. My time this year came in at exactly 1:17:00, which is actually about 5 minutes SLOWER than last year! This is vexing me to no end because I actually ran the whole thing this year, whereas last year I did a run-walk combination! No matter… I had a great time and felt terrific after the race. Mom did well, too! She ended up finishing in approximately 1:43.

Stretching before this year's 10K race!

This weekend was something else… For some reason I thought the training schedule said 8 miles, but ohhhhh no – it was 10 miles. Of course I didn’t run THAT whole thing. I would have liked to, but I’m not “there” yet. Plus, after about mile 5 I started feeling that old familiar strain in my hip socket. My calves hurt something monstrous today, but if my hip starts bothering me when I try to run again on Tuesday, it’s back to Dr. Lembo for me!

Now that the miles are increasing and race day is less than a month away, I’m starting to feel a little nervous. For some reason, I felt more “ready” last year. I hit my fundraising goal a little earlier on, and my perfect attendance at the team runs on Saturday held me accountable for keeping up with the schedule. This year feels different for some reason; maybe because I’m a bit busier. Either way, I’m really excited for race weekend and the possibility of beating last year’s time for the 13.1. Hey, even if I don’t, the run is in Virgina’s wine country – so I know what’s waiting for me at the finish line!


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