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Healthy Gut + Strong Core

Posted by msdon9 on March 25, 2012

Beth demonstrating leg pushes... just like we did them in cheerleading practice back in the day!

Our team workout was at the Holtsville Ecology Center yesterday. In addition to running several laps around the 1.2 mile loop, our unofficial Team Challenge LI personal trainer, Beth, was on hand to lead us through a grueling core workout.

I haven’t been feeling my absolute best since my colonoscopy last week. I suppose I failed to consider the impact of what a ton of biopsies in an inflamed area would make on the rest of my week… Though I’m not a fan of walking during training “runs,” I let myself walk the first two laps. I wanted to run at least one lap to see if I could handle it. Our awesome running coach, Dave McGovern, came along with me and encouraged a slightly faster pace. I’m really happy to report that the one lap I did with Dave was my fastest mile in months! So I know I have the fight in me… I just need to focus on getting better so I can have more than one mile at that great pace!

I’m heading back to the doctor tomorrow to further discuss the results of last week’s procedure and plan for my treatment. I’m hoping that whatever medication regimen I’m put on will reduce the inflammation in my system so that I can avoid surgery. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! I’ve been surgery-free since my diagnosis in 1991 and I’d like to stay that way!


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