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Chronie Blogs… (I would have said it myself, but someone said it better already) Part 1

Posted by msdon9 on April 5, 2012

In using Twitter these past few years, I’ve become a part of a variety of “networks” related to my career and interests. Within the past few months alone (partially thanks to the social media prowess of my friend @leadingwithguts), I’ve connected with people who suffer from Crohn’s and Colitis all over the nation, many of whom maintain their own blogs. Now, this meager blog started as a way for me to keep my friends and family, especially those who donated money in my first half marathon attempt, in the loop about my training and progress. Well, the Boston 13.1 in 2010 came and went, yet the blog is still here… and I believe that some people out there are still reading it. I appreciate that greatly, and for anyone who is genuinely interested in patient and TC training blogs, may I point out a few more:

First – The Sick Adventures of a Semi Colon Girl. Julie (@semicolongirl) is a Team Challenge teammate from Florida whose own experience with Crohn’s makes mine look like a walk in the park. She recently penned a post detailing a surprise hospital visit. Now…some people have the gift of expression, and some don’t. Julie most certainly does, and there’s a particular analogy in her post that really resonated with me.

When my doctor was pressing on my stomach and it hurt he became alarmed.

I’ve mentioned before that parents and doctors are a good reference point of when to panic or be alarm, just like flight attendants on planes. During turbulance I always pay attention to the flight attendents, if they barely notice anything then I don’t worry. If you can see panic in their faces it’s time to locate your nearest emergency exit.

My doctor immediately stopped the examination, we were even chit chatting about my trip to Israel and laughing. He told me he was sending me to the ER for an immediate CT scan. Oh crap, that can’t be good.

When my doctor said that “I owed it to myself” to seek a 2nd, and maybe 3rd opinion…it made me a little nervous. I’m also nervous about the upcoming appointment I have at Mt. Sinai on Monday. I have a pretty sizable stricture myself, one that concerned my last doctor, but will the new guy freak out when he sees it and send me to the hospital to have it dilated? This is not how I want to spend my spring break…

Julie tweeted throughout her hospital stay and kept her followers in the loop regarding her prognosis and treatment. In one of her tweets, she commented on how she was missing a first date with someone because of her hospital stay. That idea opens up a whole OTHER area of discussion that I’ll bring up in my next post.

Dating and Crohn’s – to follow. If you have IBD and you’re in a relationship or married, get ready to laugh. If you’re single, get ready to relate!


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