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Posted by msdon9 on May 16, 2012

I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks… really quiet.

It’s for a few reasons. First, up until recently, I wasn’t  feeling well at all. That’s the short and simple answer.

Secondly, work has had me so busy that I really haven’t had the time to sit and get some writing done. To be quite frank, I don’t have the time now either (it’s after11pm, which is way past my bedtime for a Wednesday). But I was just thinking about my day tomorrow and I feel that I need to come on here and talk about how things have been going in the past two weeks. Allow me to disclaim in my English teacher manner that I am not going to stress out about grammatical failures in this post. It’s too late and I’m way too tired to even bother.

Remicade. I started two weeks ago, and I’m scheduled for my second infusion tomorrow after work. I have to say that I’m really looking forward to it. Ok, I’ll be honest – it’s really NOT fun to be poked and prodded before being hooked up to an IV that will shoot all sorts of stuff into my bloodstream. I have little veins, and I black-and-blue quite easily! But – the pain and the discomfort has been so worth it because just 48 hours after my first infusion I noticed a difference in almost EVERYTHING!

[In the space that occupies THIS paragraph, I wrote (and deleted) another long-ish paragraph where I lamented about how crappy my training runs have been these past two seasons. As I went back to re-read, I was annoyed by my tone. I don’t want this to be a pity party, and it never SHOULD be, because no matter how crappy I’m feeling or now many times I need to race to the bathroom, there are 100 others who could only wish they had it as easy as me. Let it simply be known that I’m really pleased with how much *more* I have been able to accomplish in these past two weeks due to my body’s reaction to the first infusion. Be it legitimately physical, purely mental, or a combination of the two, I’m so happy to feel like “I’m back” that I’ll take it with no questions asked. I’m simply hoping that I continue to respond well to the drug and that what’s happening in my transverse colon is as positive as what’s happening to my energy and attitude.]

Other changes: I’ve given up coffee like some people give up smoking; I no longer drink it every day, but I don’t consider it a crime if used sparingly on weekends. I’ve switched to Yogi vanilla spice tea  to get me through my weekday mornings. It’s not as caffeinated, but it wakes me a little and doesn’t acid-wash the lining of my stomach. Sometimes on the weekends I’ll have a cup of black coffee, but only when I’m sure that it won’t hurt me. I also started eating yogurt again! On two separate occasions I had a 6oz cup of Chobani nonfat Greek yogurt, and I didn’t regret it. For a long time, yogurt has been a no-no.

Two pints of beer last Saturday night didn’t really agree with me. I guess all in good time…

I went on a nice long run this past Sunday in hot weather that made me feel like death, but it was still an awesome run because I didn’t need to keep it close to home in fear of straying too far from a bathroom. It was humid, though, and I felt kind of sluggish. I bet the pollen didn’t help, nor did the two beers the night before, plus shouting at a careless biker who nearly mowed me over because she was on the sidewalk took some wind out of my lungs. I downed a Gu at mile 2.5 (shameful) and emptied both bottles of my hydration belt before making it home, but it was the best run I’d had in months. I think I would have pushed myself to go even further if I didn’t have anything to do for the rest of the day.

I lost a lot because of Crohn’s. I guess now’s my time to start taking it back.

My first Remicade

Trying to smile through my first infusion.



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